60 Second CPS Test

Challenge your hand-eye coordination with the 60 Second CPS Test. See how quickly you can click the mouse for a full minute.


What is the 60 Second CPS Test?

The 60 Second CPS (Clicks Per Second) Test is the ultimate challenge designed to push your clicking abilities to the limit. Unlike shorter tests that range from 1 to 30 seconds, this minute-long test requires not just speed but exceptional endurance and focus.

This Clicks Per Second Test is perfect for those looking to stretch their clicking skills. It gives you enough time to settle into a rhythm and find the most effective way to click, whether it's through Jitter, Butterfly, or Regular clicking techniques. It challenges you to keep that rhythm steady, making it a comprehensive measure of your clicking stamina.

Improving your score on the 60 Second CPS Test involves consistent practice across all test durations available on our website. Starting with shorter tests like the 1 Second, 2 Second, or 5 Second CPS Tests can help build your speed, while the longer 10 Second, and 30 Second Tests prepare you for the endurance needed in the 60 Second Test.

After completing the 60 Second Test, take time to reflect on your performance. Identify any moments when your pace dropped and why. This insight can help you adjust your strategy and practice focus areas, aiming for a better score next time.

How to Perform a 60 Second CPS Test?

  • Click the START TEST button to begin your 60-second clicking adventure. As soon as you press it, the countdown starts, and so does your clicking frenzy.
  • Given the test's duration, pacing yourself is important. Unlike shorter tests where you might go all out, the 60 Second Test requires a balance between speed and steadiness. Find a comfortable rhythm that you can maintain throughout the test without tiring too quickly.
  • When the timer stops, your clicking challenge finishes, and you'll see your total clicks displayed as your score. This tells you how well you clicked over a longer time.
  • Consider how you performed throughout the test. Did your speed decrease as time went on? Reflecting on these details can help you adjust your strategy for next time by starting slower or changing your clicking method.

How to Improve 60 Second CPS Test Score?

  • Build Constancy: Shorter tests might encourage an all-out sprint, but the 60 Second Test is a marathon. Practice clicking for extended periods to build your stamina. For example, while you might use jitter clicking for a quick burst in a 5-second test, in a 60-second test, alternating between jitter and regular clicking can help maintain speed without causing fatigue.
  • Pace Yourself: Jumping in too fast can tire you out before the minute is up. Start at a comfortable pace and gradually increase your speed. This strategy prevents the burnout you might not worry about in a 10 second test but is important for surviving the full 60 seconds.
  • Use Different Clicking Techniques: Experiment with different clicking techniques to find a balance between speed and comfort. Butterfly clicking, for instance, is more effective over 60 seconds than in shorter tests because it allows for quick clicks with less strain, helping you maintain the speed without tiring.
  • Optimize Your Setup: A responsive mouse and a comfortable sitting position are important in longer tests. What might not make a significant difference in a 2 second test can have a big impact over 60 seconds, as comfort and equipment responsiveness become more critical to maintaining speed.
  • Analyze Your Performance: After each attempt, take time to reflect on your clicking strategy. Did your speed falter at the halfway point? Were some clicks not registered? This kind of analysis can pinpoint areas for improvement. For instance, you might realize that the frantic pace that works in a 10-second test leads to too many missed clicks in a 60-second test, suggesting a need for a more measured approach.