1 Second CPS Test

The 1 Second CPS Test is the shortest and fastest way to find your clicks per second score.

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What is 1 Second CPS Test?

1 Second CPS Test is the shortest and fastest way to find your Clicks Per Second score. This simple game will train clicking techniques for online gaming with one second timing limits.

It is a game that pits you against the world record holder played by some serious gamers competing as the fastest mouse clicker.

How to perform 1 Second CPS Test?

You're a gamer; the most important thing you want is to play your game as fast as possible. Follow the steps below to perform 1 Second CPS Test.

  1. Click on the big START TEST button above to start playing 1 Second CPS Test.
  2. Once you click the button, start clicking your mouse quickly and accurately within a specific time frame.
  3. As soon as the clock hits zero, your final score will be calculated and presented to you in an easy-to-read popup.

How to click faster in 1 Second CPS Test?

When it comes down to clicking, there's one thing that can make the difference in how fast you click mouse buttons. To find out what works best for you, following the below methods will help you to increase your clicks per second score.

1. Try Jitter Clicking

Jitter Clicking is a way to improve your mouse click speed by using only one finger. It can be done on the CPS testers, where you will see how well-performing each clicker performs in seconds after doing jitter clicking for 10 minutes every day.

Some say it is hard to master jitter clicking. But with enough practice, players will be able to do so and feel accomplished for their efforts in learning how difficult this skill really can get at times. Practicing techniques like jitter clicking requires patience as well as determination.

2. Try Butterfly Clicking

The Butterfly Clicking technique uses two fingers, alternating between index and middle to faster. To become a master of the butterfly click, you need to make sure that your pattern is consistent.

For instance, if the player is tapping his mouse twice using the middle finger and then once with each index finger one after another without any breaks in between, it will be much more difficult for him than just doing so from time to time.

This involves tapping continuously without a break, and if you're new, it might be hard at first, but with consistency in your taps will get more than 20 clicks per second.