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Discover how ClicksPerSecond.com helps you improve your clicking speed with a range of tools for monitoring and tracking your progress.

Welcome to ClicksPerSecond.com! We're here to help you boost and measure your digital skills in a fun and interactive way. Founded by Shailendra Zade, a tech and education enthusiast, our platform has become a go-to for anyone keen on sharpening their digital abilities.

Our Story

ClicksPerSecond.com, designed and developed by Nonstop Corporation, started with Shailendra Zade's vision to help people improve their digital skills. He saw the need for faster clicking and accurate typing. Shailendra created a platform in 2019 where users could measure and enhance their digital abilities.

From the beginning, ClicksPerSecond.com wasn't just a website; it was a supportive community. Users of all backgrounds enjoyed its challenging tests, like the CPS Test and the Spacebar Test. The site grew quickly, reaching thousands of users worldwide. It evolved based on user feedback, adding new tests and features to make digital skill improvement fun and accessible.

The goal was clear: to be more than just entertainment but a valuable tool for digital excellence. That vision led to a partnership with Nonstop Corporation, a network focused on continuous learning. This collaboration brought more resources and a wider audience to ClicksPerSecond.com, strengthening its role in the digital skill enhancement community. Together, they're committed to helping users thrive in the digital age.

Meet the Founder

Shailendra Zade

Shailendra Zade, the visionary behind ClicksPerSecond.com, blends technology and education with expertise in Digital Marketing and SEO Analysis. His journey is fueled by a passion for technology's potential to educate and empower. As a gamer, Shailendra is fascinated by digital interaction dynamics and skill-enhancement opportunities.

Shailendra founded ClicksPerSecond.com to create a space where learning is both enjoyable and functional. His vision combines competition and learning, setting ClicksPerSecond.com apart.

Now, as a partner in Nonstop Corporation, Shailendra aims to expand this vision further. Leveraging digital marketing expertise and innovative educational tools, he seeks to reach a broader audience. Shailendra believes in continuous learning and adaptation in the digital age, pushing educational platforms to new heights through this partnership.

Our Mission

At ClicksPerSecond.com, we're dedicated to helping people improve their digital skills. Our platform was created to be both fun and educational, offering interactive tools that make learning digital skills enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Mastering digital skills isn't just about being faster or more efficient; it's about unlocking new opportunities for creativity, communication, and career growth. Whether it's boosting clicks per second, typing speed, or mastering the spacebar, each tool on our site is designed to challenge users to reach their full potential.

In a world where technology evolves rapidly, continuous learning is crucial. ClicksPerSecond.com isn't just a set of tools; it's a community where people can come together to learn and grow. We're committed to promoting digital literacy and proficiency, ensuring our users are ready for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

Our Tools and Services

At ClicksPerSecond.com, we offer a range of interactive tools to help users enhance their skills. Our flagship offerings include the CPS Test, Typing Test, Spacebar Test, Mouse Scroll Test, Kohi Click Test, Jitter Click Test, and Word Typer Test. These tools are designed to improve users' speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • How Users Benefit: Each tool targets specific skills. For example, the Clicks Per Second Test is great for gamers looking to boost their mouse-clicking speed. The Typing Test helps improve typing accuracy and speed, which is crucial for professional and academic settings. The Spacebar Test is fun and beneficial for gaming and general computer use.
  • Distinctive Features: ClicksPerSecond.com stands out for its user-friendly experience. Our tools have intuitive interfaces suitable for all skill levels. We regularly update based on user feedback and technological advancements, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Using our tools, users can assess their proficiency and follow a structured path for improvement in a supportive online community. We're dedicated to fostering growth and engagement for all users.

Joining Forces with Nonstop Corporation

The merger of ClicksPerSecond.com with Nonstop Corporation marks a significant milestone in our journey. This partnership reflects our shared goal of empowering individuals for success.

Founder Shailendra Zade recognized Nonstop Corporation as a partner aligned with our values of quality, innovation, and user empowerment. This collaboration combines our strengths, expanding our reach and improving our user services.

Together, we enhance our mission with the best of both platforms. With Nonstop Corporation' resources and expertise in digital education and ClicksPerSecond.com's innovative tools and user-centric design, we offer a broader range of services.

Users can anticipate new features and enhancements for a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience. This collaboration aims to redefine online learning for digital skills with expanded tests, challenges, and tailored learning modules.

ClicksPerSecond.com and Nonstop Corporation are dedicated to creating a future where everyone can access the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

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